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Do you feel like your music would take off if you just knew how to promote it the right way?

Artists are the true lifeblood of the music industry. Your thoughts and feelings are the tunes that people dance and vibe to. You create experiences and memories that last in fans minds for a lifetime!

The biggest hurdle that we’ve found, keeping artists from getting attention is a lack of marketing knowledge and a razor thin budget.

After searching for over 10 years, spending tens of thousands of dollars testing what works and what doesn’t, speaking with thousands of artists across the globe, I have successfully developed a package that contains everything that an artist needs to blow their music up and get new music listeners every single day across the internet airwaves.

Hi my name is Jeffery the Artivist. I have been maneuvering in the independent artists realm as an independent artist since 2011. I have been extremely passionate about finding what it takes to be successful in this industry and sharing that knowledge with my fellow independent artists so they can get the head start on their music careers that I never had.

RIGHT NOW, I’m providing the ULTIMATE Spotify Curator Directory for independent artists who are tired of getting scammed on Spotify promotion and want to have the know-how to get on independently curated Spotify playlists for FREE.

This resource works for music of ALL genres.

To get your hands on this resource, click the link below!

But hurry, this resource is NOT going to be available for long and once I take it down, it is gone forever.

Click here to check it out now!

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