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Here is a list of a just a few of the curators in our network that we can submit your music to for placements. These playlists listed here have a total combined reach of over 250,000 followers.  And these are just a small portion of the playlists in our directory that we can pitch your music to

Party Rock

Collective Sounds - '19 Mix

Road Trip Music

Genres: All Genres


New Picks

Genres: All Genres

Designer Music

Genres: All Genres


Pass me the Hookah

Genres: All Genres


Pure Morning

Genres: All Genres


Party Soundz

Genres: All Genres


Private Lounge

Genres: All Genres


Pure Autumn

Genres: All Genres


Drip too hard

Genres: All Genres


Late Night Gaming

Genres: All Genres


Sonic Sounds

Genres: All Genres


Summer Waves

Genres: All Genres

High Intensity Workout

Genres: All Genres



The Indie Sounds

Genres: All Genres


Beatwave 2019

Genres: All Genres


Whip Bangers

Genres: All Genres


Comfort Zone

Genres: All Genres

Of the Night

Genres: All Genres


Fresh Gems


Click here if you would like one of your tracks placed on ALL of these lists for 2 weeks and boost your chances of getting picked up by Spotify's Algorithmic playlisting AI.

New Candy 
Genre: ALL

Rap Candy 
Genre: Hip Hop

Pop Candy 
Genre: Pop / Hip Hop

Link to playlists:


Rap Heavy Hitters

Genres: Trap / New Age Hip Hop


Rap Drip-Best Hip Hop

Genres: Trap / Hip Hop


Best Trap

Genres: Hip Hop  / Rap / Trap


Deep Rap / Hip Hop

Genres: Hip Hop / Conscious Rap


Best Rap Mix ‘19

Genres: All Genres Of Hip Hop


Rap – Just New Hits

Genres: All Genres of Hip Hop


Discover New Beats ‘19

Genres: All Genres of Hip Hop


The Music Radar

Genres: All Genres


Terror Mix 2019

Genres: Trap


Best Hip Hop Jams

Genres: Hip Hop


Frequently Asked Questions:

-Will I get saves and followers from this promotion?

It is very likely that you will. Because the playlists we work with get real plays from real people, people are very likely to engage with your song. However, we can not guarantee any activity since these are real people and react just as you would with a song you listen to.

-Can you get me on any Spotify-owned playlists?

No, we can’t. Our efforts to attempt to maximize exposure though will hopefully trigger Spotify’s algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. We also strive to pitch artists to playlists that may interact with your songs and follow you. In the future, you may be able to benefit from Release Radars as a result of our exposure.

We can not guarantee any plays or Spotify-owned playlists.

-Why should I get a Spotify promotion campaign?

Many artists will decide to playlist on their own or randomly reach out to different playlist curators. Over the past 5 years, we’ve built relationships with a number of different curators that constantly focus on building real and active playlists. We do the hard work for you and bring our experience with every campaign.

-What genres are accepted?

We work with all genres!

-How many plays can I expect?

Since this is an organic Spotify campaign, these are real followers and real listeners. We can not guarantee a certain number of plays.

However, from previous monthly campaigns we have seen an average of several thousand streams per week.

-How long will my song be featured in the playlist?

Your song will be featured from 1-6 weeks in the playlist.

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