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Watch this video below to learn how you can get thousands of streams on Spotify every week!



USE CODE "FIRST10" for $200 off! (FIRST 10 ARTISTS ONLY!)

 All of that research I gained from Peter Pan's promotion campaign was used to absolutely BOOM my newest artist's first drop on Spotify.  In this picture he has 1 monthly follower.

The Current Event Codex is the EXACT step by step methodology that I used to take my artist's very first music drop on Spotify from 0 steams to 52,009 streams in 28 days.


The information I used to achieve this feat was gathered with another research study I began on October 11, 2019 with my artist, Colter Thomas' song "Peter Pan" currently sitting at over 60,000 streams.  This was also his first drop on Spotify.  His song is now on 4 Spotify's algorithmic playlists!

I spent over $4,000 since October finding and testing different Spotify promotion outlets so other artists that follow me won't have to get burned.  I recorded the two best promoters and exactly how much was spent to allow us to get 20,000 streams on Current Event's first Spotify drop in a matter of 9 days in "The Current Event Codex"  You can check the day to day results of the promotion campaign here!

The Codex will be only be available at this price for a limited time only.  


Just look at the results from the artists we have worked with in the past!!!

Our homie B-Train is getting 6k streams a day as of February 5th!  Are these the types of results you want for your music?

 When is the last time you got 1,000 streams in one day on Spotify?  We can help you do that!

We have been helping artists for almost a decade now!  We have a track record of success!

We are even working with upcoming big name artists who are working with major labels!

@Jblanked is one of my best students and has taken all my teachings to the next level!

We treat every artist we work with with the utmost respect and dignity!

Our promotion services will help you get the buzz you are looking for!

Outside of Spotify promotion, we teach you how to use advertising to get new fans in your sleep!!

You won't learn what I am teaching anywhere else on the internet.  No promoter is going to TEACH you how to promote.  You can learn how to do this here!

Whether you need Spotify promotion, lessons on promotion, or connections, we are your one stop shop!

We work with artists from all genres!  Nia Ocean is a Latin artist who we work with!

And this is day 24 of the Current Event case study.  We are still getting over 1,000 streams a day.  Get the codex here!

My team has gotten over 250 million views since 2013.  I think we can teach you a thing or two.  Click here for a viral promotion lesson!

This secret formula is only available in our viral video promotion masterclass.

There is a formula to going viral and we have it.  You can use it to!

We can't make this stuff up.  Reviews speak for themselves.  


How many testimonials do you need before you decide that this is for you?  Because we are going to keep them coming all day long.

We have artists getting results from all over the globe!

Being an artist is hard enough.  You need a team to make it.  Let us connect the dots for you!  Get yourself a promoter who knows what they are doing! 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...most videos are made with 60 frames a second.  You do the math.  Just listen to all these satisfied artists.  Get into our programs while they are available!

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