Bobby Barz

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Bobby Barz

Where in the world are you located?
Raleigh, NC
What was your favorite past time when you were young?
Anything that involved me having the opportunity to express my creativity.
What was the very first CD you remember acquiring as a kid?
Cassidy Ima Hustla.
What was the first concert or performance you ever attended?
Chris Brown
At what age did you begin to take music seriously?
If you had the chance to play one of your pieces to the ENTIRE world, what song would you choose?
The real me.
Where did you find the inspiration for this particular track and what is the meaning behind the song?
It's a song to express how I finally accepted myself and see who will still be around if they knew the true me. 
What do you think about the state of the music industry today and how would you like to see it change?
I think there aren't enough leaders. This generation has been misguided by music that poisons the youth. I want more artist to share their stories to help others grow by their life experiences or at give the people hope as they conquer their struggles. More positivity is also a must. 
What is one issue in the world that you would like to see change in your lifetime?
I want to see organic whole foods more available and offered at  price where lower class can afford. All people deserve the opportunity to eat healthy. 
What current projects are buzzing and what future projects do we have to look forward to from you?
I had a project that was currently wrote and had all the beats picked out. But I have grown so fast and so much during the process I have decided to  discard it and start fresh. So I will be working on a new project and it's entitled " Troubled Conscience" 
Where can we find you on social media?
Is there anything else you would like the world to know about you?
I don't want to be catagorized in a specific type and/or genre. I just want to be an artist. I'm constantly growing as a person so I need fans that will grow with me.

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