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Posted by Dominic Rowland on

Let's skip the formalities

because this song opens HARD as F***!!!


Five literal seconds into this song "Werewolf" & I knew I was going to save it to my Apple Music, then my Spotify, then look for the music video on YouTube before I emailed him for a collab.


Jay-Day has everything independent music lovers are looking for in that genre when browsing for new tracks to replay. Having this much potential shown in one single is a rarity, especially considering this song doesn't sound like anything mainstream has.  


My favorite thing about this song and artist has to be the energy and the ad-libs! Knowing how to use your voice with finesse takes practice, I'd personally be surprised they didn't practice the lyrics religiously leading up to the recording sessions.


I can't offer much constructive criticism, I just want to hear more & stick around for Jay-Day in his "final form." If you'd like to share my experience, don't hesitate to click the link below!



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  • Super epic write up! Big love from the Strange Family!

    M. Soundz on

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