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"Honesty is the best policy."


It's been a while since I've had to replay something to get a feel for it, and the level of confidence it takes for any artist to consistently freestyle is something I HAVE to respect regardless of my opinions. 


"4x" reminds me a lot of 'RaiderKlan' & 'VeryRare' when they first started making music.

The production seems minimal, but as I listened to their entire YouTube discography, I noticed a steady improvement in timing and beat selection.

Lastly, I definitely believe in giving this young-sounding artist room to grow, as many of our culture's favorites started out making music before reaching highschool. 


In closing, I want to see consistency in the way "Kellyland" improves their flow, timing, and lyrical content. There are a lot of niches for artists who do so, so achieving a solid fan base is only a matter of time.


Kellyland Kid4x  

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