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Having earned my Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Africana Studies, like many recent graduates I had a strong idea of what I wanted to do, just not necessarily how to execute it. “So what are you gonna do? Be a teacher?” - One of the pressing questions that crowded my mind in the echoing voices of various loved ones. I have an immense passion for, and an extensive background in Education, Mentoring, and The Arts, so for a long time I would simply agree, hoping they wouldn’t ask me  “What grade?" or "What State?” Or tell me for the hundredth time, “You know teachers don’t make any money.” Of course, they would ask and I would syncopate some fill-in-the-blank 5 - year career plan, with a checkmark beside, furthering my education and calculated financial risk/success. However, in reality, I wasn’t really sure about following a schoolteacher route. I am a creator at my core, so I committed myself to find and apply only for positions that encouraged creativity. 

During this time my Mentor Rubie Britt-Height, Director of Community Relations at the Mint Museum connected me with the opportunity to volunteer on behalf of the Mint in the West Charlotte community as the digital archivist and community engagement co-coordinator with Award-winning playwright, Stacy Rose on workshopping her play, The Danger: A Homage to Strange Fruit. I also had the wonderful opportunity to serve as an intensive reading coach and youth yoga instructor for The United Missionary Baptist Association (UMBA) Bright Stars Academy! While waiting to hear back from potential employers I developed the art of wire wrapping and was engulfed in the magical world of Crystals and Light-work! This inspired my brand TheWireWrapTrap, using crystal energy to harness light and reconnect pathways. 

On August 23rd, at 5:00 A.M. I opened an email from The Smithsonian Institute, congratulating me on being accepted as the Education Department Intern with the National Museum of African Art (NMAfA)! Dually elated and honestly little uneasy about accepting an unpaid internship, in a major city, with Student Loan "Sally-Mae" right around the corner. So I promptly and gratefully accepted the offer! I know that I am a village child - meaning that my family extends beyond my bloodline. My family includes all of the teachers, mentors, peers, and students that have supported, encouraged and inspired me throughout my journey. Saying all that to say - I have faith that the Greater Powers of the universe whom all work together for my good. Talk about listening to The Spirit! I researched “How to be THE BEST INTERN EVER” and found an article specifically for interns in D.C. Confirmation accepted! I researched the museum,  arrived before my scheduled day to begin, met my supervisor, took care of onboarding paperwork and co-drafted a calendar of programs spanning over the next 4 months - And that was all in one day!

As an African woman of the Diaspora, It is a beautiful thing to be constantly reminded that I am on the right path and that my ancestors are guiding me every step of the way as long as I take time to listen and apply their teachings to my daily life. I was gratefully reminded of that energy around every corner of the museum, which affirmed in me that I have power beyond myself. I have a responsibility beyond myself. I complete my internship at the end of December. Throughout my time there I am grateful to have been able to implement my own and assist with the development of other educational programs. As a featured artist, I hosted a Wire-Wrapping workshop inspired by The NMAfA’s “Good as Gold” Exhibit, highlighting the manufacturing, consumption, and passage of gold through Senegal and honoring the beautiful women who've adorned themselves in these dazzling jewels. While networking in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area I have also co-hosted a watercolor and collage workshop series, inspired by the works of Romare Bearden at The Reginald F. Lewis Museum with award-winning children's book illustrator and Romare Bearden Scholar, Jeffery Boston Weatherford. I look to further my formal education in the near future. For now, I am dedicated to learning through experience while I continue to study, travel and share my knowledge, passions, and skills with all whom I may come in contact with!

I would like to offer my unending gratitude to Ms. Rubie Britt-Height, Director of Community Relations at the Mint Museum, Dr. Lanisa Kitchiner, Smithsonian National Museum of African Art Education Department Chair, Ms. Pearlie and Ms.Wornitha head of The UMBA Bright Stars Academy, Miss Stacy Rose, dynamic playwright and director, Miss Terry Taylor Director of The Reginald F. Lewis Museum and Jeffery Boston Weatherford, Multidimensional Children's Book Illustrator and fellow Artivist, I thank you. To all of your respected museums and organizations' members, affiliates, staff and community partners. Thank you all for your continued support of my academic achievements, for encouraging me, inspiring me, sustaining my passion for Education, Community appreciation, and artistic expression. With that, I am truly humbled that my volunteer efforts have been recognized by the Honorable Mayor Vi-Lyles who represents me and women and girls like me as the first African American Woman to serve as Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. To my Mother, I thank you for your faith, I am truly grateful for your unconditional love, strength, and guidance. Without that, I would be lost.

 -Abundant Life, Love, and Light.


Bre'Anna Washington

Historian | Kemetic Healer |

Multidimensional Visual & Spoken Word Artivist



Wire-Wrapping Workshop at The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.  Photo Credit to: Palmyra Jackson, Education Department Assistant  Yoga Practice with United Missionary Baptist Association (UMBA) Bright Stars Academy students. 

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  • Hi beautiful young lady, I know your grandmother my sister is smiling and so proud of you also, so continue on and remember you have a village of family members wishing you the very best, and your mom must be on cloud nine take care and be safe. Aunt Viv

    Vivian Hatley on
  • Hi beautiful young lady, I know your grandmother my sister is smiling and so proud of you also, so continue on and remember you have a village of family members wishing you the very best, and your mom must be on cloud nine take care and be safe. Aunt Viv

    Vivian Hatley on
  • Truly the Lords hand has touched you.Continue to strive for the best. Always look above from where your help comes from. Blessings and love. Always and forever

    Anthony Blackmon on
  • The SKY IS THE LIMIT.. You have plans, goals, and a vision that you have set for yourself, and I KNOW you will EXCEED and be SUCCESSFUL. Your mother, Donna, is the BEST!!! I am soooooooooooooo proud of you . May God continually BLESS YOU!!!

    “Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh

    LOVE YOU!!!

    Sylvia L Johnson on
  • I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Follow your dreams to above and beyond you are TRULY BLESSED. I love you baby girl.💜💜💜💯

    Millicent McCray on

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