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The Credit People was founded in 2001 and strives to provide hope to those in bad credit situations and share how better credit awaits them in the future. With many years of credit repair experience, The Credit People have helped over 100,000 people raise their credit score

The credit repair company states that everything it does is centered on providing the highest quality service with unmatched benefits for potential and current clients with bad credit.

These benefits include a free credit report and a free credit score summary, a free credit consultation, and lower fees. According to the company's website, most clients "see results within the first 45-60 days" of service.

In addition to working with the three major credit bureaus to remove negative items and clean up credit issues, this credit repair company strives to focus on obtaining score-driven results which includes going beyond traditional dispute routes in order to raise a client's credit score.

The Credit People offer two membership plan options — a monthly membership and a flat rate membership. Each membership includes unlimited disputes, 24/7 account access, creditor communication, toll-free customer service, and more. Potential clients should note that the credit repair company also offers a service discount specifically for couples.

Read on to learn more about The Credit People's credit repair services and click here to see reviews from real clients.

The Good

  • Low Price
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Member Resources

The Credit People provide clients with all three credit reports and credit scores from the credit bureaus completely free.

The company's credit repair process company also focuses on ensuring that clients receive the highest credit score increase they can possibly achieve.

The Credit People have many great features that go along with its repair services, such as:  

Low Price

Potential clients can choose to either pay a monthly payment of $79 for credit repair services or a flat rate of $419 for a complete six-month premium credit repair program. This is much lower than what most other credit repair companies charge.

For these prices, The Credit People will dispute negative items on credit reports from all three major credit bureaus, work to fix every client's poor credit, will keep each client updated on the credit repair process, help clients become motivated to better maintain their credit history, and much more.

Clients can obtain unlimited disputes, debt validation, and inquiry validation services when they sign up for The Credit People's credit repair services.

The Credit People also offer a free credit consultation to all clients. The repair company also provides an online dashboard where clients can obtain immediate credit updates and a free service trial.

In addition to lower fees and a free credit consultation, The Credit People provide a credit repair service discount for couples who both could benefit from having better credit.

To get this discount, one person in the couple needs to sign up for credit repair services and then can sign up for their spouse immediately after their order is completed or up to three days following the completion of their order. Once both people in the couple are signed up, they'll receive $20 off of each of their first credit repair payments.

No Hidden Fees

The Credit People strive to be very transparent when it comes to helping clients achieve a level of good credit.

Their credit repair pricing details are all on their website and customers can use the company's services for a monthly fee of $79. There are also no hidden fees or any extra costs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Credit People offer a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The firm claims "you'll never pay for anything you aren't happy with." Clients have the ability to cancel their monthly repair services membership with The Credit People whenever they please.

According to the company's website, The Credit People's clients are able to obtain the following after using their credit repair services:

  • 30 percent average increase in credit scores
  • 71 percent auto loan approval 
  • 64 percent home loan approval
  • 74 percent new credit approval
  • 67 percent approval for refinancing 

Member Resources

Clients have 24-hour online account access, which is a great resource for members.

In addition, there is a blog, educational material, and answers to frequently asked questions for potential and current clients to learn more about credit repair services, what affects their credit scores like student loans, late payments, credit card debt/other debt, and more.

The repair company's blog also touches on other various information clients should know about credit (FICO score, credit card usage, the interest-free grace period, credit unions, etc.)

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The Bad

  • Case Set-Up Cost
  • Limited Package Options
  • Payment Options

While The Credit People handle each credit case with little to no client work (meaning the client does not have to be an active participant), it is important to note the following:

Setup Cost

The Credit People charges clients a $19 setup fee.

Meanwhile, some other companies in the credit repair industry do not charge customers a setup fee for their services. Although The Credit People's costs are low, the company does not provide a no-cost trial period to clients.

Limited Package Options

The company does not provide any premium packages or services that clients can choose from. Instead, The Credit People just offers different payment structures ($79 per month or $419 for six months flat rate).

The company's lack of package and service options may add limitations to potential customers. For instance, some poor credit situations require more intense credit repair and attention than others.

Without options, the customers must be satisfied with the offered company services.

Payment Options

Unlike many other companies in the credit repair industry, The Credit People do not adhere to the "pay-per-deletion" pricing option.

The company follows a monthly/six-month payment plan. However, they do implement a satisfaction guarantee for all clients which allows for some pricing flexibility.

The Bottom Line

The Credit People have very affordable prices for their credit repair services and offer a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, the company provides a credit repair service discount that couples can use to save money on each monthly payment. 

The credit repair service offers two different membership options that clients can choose from — the monthly membership option and the flat rate membership option. Each membership comes with 24/7 account access, creditor communication, score-driven results, unlimited disputes, and more. 

The Credit People also provide all website visitors with access to an online credit resource center, a detailed online FAQ page, and more. Clients can use these resources to learn more about the credit repair process, credit scores, credit reports, and much more. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of different online resource mediums including infographics, videos, and articles. 

Potential clients should also note that The Credit People's services are certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and that the company has over 15 years of experience within the credit repair industry.

With a significant amount of positive client reviews combined with the company's emphasis on each client's credit history as well as good credit habits, a free credit consultation, and no hidden fees, The Credit People prove that they are a legitimate credit repair company and that they offer quality credit repair services. 

Some clients, however, have claimed that they have experienced slow negative item removal times, but they are few. Credit accounts and situations vary per client, so some clients may see good credit score results sooner than others. 

Credit accounts and situations vary per client, so some clients may see good credit score results sooner than others. On their website, the company states that most customers that use their services "see results within the first 45-60 days".

We recommend The Credit People for their advanced experience and for their reputable credit repair services. If you choose The Credit People to improve your credit, you will not have to worry about communicating with creditors as that will be handled by your assigned credit specialist.  Click HERE to start!

Don't want to pay a company to do it?  Click HERE to learn how to do it yourself!

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