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Journey to the Seventh Sun

A W.H.O.L.E Healing Trip with Bee 

Walking confidently in your divine purpose and living the greatest potential of your highest self in every aspect of your human experience.

It’s time to take your health into your own hands and re-connect with your true spiritual self to become WHOLE again, to create and co-create harmony in your health, wealth, relationships and divine purpose.

Now imagine having a map to guide you step by step through this great journey…

The chakras are the energetic map to self-discovery, whole healing, self-mastery, and spiritual transformation. By attuning your mind, body, and soul to greatness you will be able to Wholistically align your health, wealth, love and purpose with the abundance of the universal life-giving force.

The problem is many of us do not know how to interpret this map and find ourselves lost, confused, and frustrated.

In this chakra healing trip, you will integrate more wholistic practices mentally, physically, and spiritually allowing you to navigate your energetic field.

By integrating a decade of experience in mentoring and creative inspiration, a vast knowledge base of afro-diaspora history acquired from my undergrad studies, and post-grad studies in energy medicine and certification in Kemetic Reiki BA RA KA healing … You will be guided deep into the light of each of your seven chakras, how they influence your life, and learn how to activate them through mind, body and soul techniques utilizing:




Sound healing

Food and herbal medicine

Kemetic yoga

1 on 1 coaching

… and much much more



Throughout this cosmic trip, you will gain the ability to:

  • Identify and Heal deep-rooted Traumas
  • Embrace success in your personal and professional life to access greater opportunities
  • Ignite passion in your love life
  • Cultivate confidence and lasting self-love
  • Establish meaningful relationships
  • Strengthen your communication and listening skills
  • Illuminate your intuition
  • Re-connect to your cosmic self
  • Manifest abundance

As you progress daily through your 6-week cosmic trip you become more esoterically connected to your energy pathways and harness a deeper inner standing of who you truly are, you will be able to tap into your spiritual gifts and cultivate self-mastery so you are able to heal any issue that life may bring.


Week 1:

Getting Attuned

My journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. What you will need on your journey. The history of energy medicine and chakra healing. Ancient practices and cultural variations. How to trace your genealogy. Introduction to chakras, meridians, and auras. A briefing of The 5 elements and bringing awareness and attunement to the bioenergetic field.


Week 2:

Rooted in Abundance and Bliss

By clearing your root and sacral chakra you unlock your power to manifest abundance in all that you create. Learn to embrace your passion and find true pleasure in life. Reclaim your sex inner-g, relinquish guilt and transmute fear into ferocity. Embrace the vulnerability of being open and accepting of change.


Week 3:

Cultivate Confidence & Lasting Self-love

By clearing your solar and heart chakra you unlock your power to establish a deeper connection with yourself and your loved ones. Learn to shift your beliefs (worldview) and reclaim your power to live authentically in your truth. Tap into your empathic nature.


Week 4:

Seek Wisdom, Speak Wisdom and Inspire

By clearing your throat and third eye chakra you unlock your power to discern the truth and express yourself with divine clarity and conviction. Learn to channel the higher intelligence to illuminate the path to your divine purpose so you can make wiser decisions for yourself.


 Week 5:

Divinity and Esoteric Power

By clearing your crown chakra you unlock the potential of infinite possibilities allowing you to access the knowledge of your highest self to receive enlightenment and solutions to even your most pressing issues to experience immersive and transformative peace. 


Week 6:

Master Manifestation

By committing to your intentions your final week will be magical as you harness the power of all of your chakras together to manifest great and wonderful things into your reality. It’s time for your vision to unfold before you. Take this the time to put the wheel in motion.



... And Beyond

 The journey isn’t over after week 6. Honestly, this is only the beginning. healing is not linear and it does not stop. you must implement these practices daily and build on them as you cultivate self-mastery and whole healing. Move forward in power and take a trip to the seventh sun with Bee.



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