Facebook Advertising for Indie Artists!

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Hey independent artists!  Have you ever put up a Facebook advertisement before?  Facebook has an user base that is over 1.6 billion and growing.  You can EASILY put your content in front of new potential fans every minute of every single day.  All you need is the know how to do it!


This is why I have developed this series of guides to teach artists how to utilize Facebook ads to build your fan base and generate revenue online as a musician.


I first started utilizing Facebook ads for fan page growth in 2013.  I have taken the knowledge that I have gained over the past five years and compiled them into a five guide series:

-23 Ways to Make Money as an Independent Artist. (GET THIS FREE OF CHARGE! We believe every independent artist should know these things, point blank period.  It is time we utilize our skills to maximize our potential profits and make a living from music!  You have to know what your potential profit from sales is in order to run effective advertisements!  Use this guide and what you already know to make a list of your products / services so you know the maximum ad spend to acquire one new fan and the potential worth of a lifetime fan!  If this sounds like a foreign language to you, go ahead and order the phone consultation, let me light your fire!)

-How to Plan your Advertising Budget.

-5 Step Marketing Plan.

-Advertising on an Indie Budget.

-Facebook Ad Tips for Artists.

-Ad copy & targeting for evergreen ads to gain new local fans + nationwide fans daily.


As an added bonus, I am going to throw in a guide from the Independent Artist Supercharger Package free of charge!

The Ultimate Music Royalty Guide:

  • How to get paid for your Soundcloud streams from this moment on.
  • How to build your Soundcloud fan base without tagging your friends!
  • How to get on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, etc for free!

So if you want to learn how to utilize Facebook ads to build your fan base daily (and get the Ultimate Royalty Guide for free!), hit the buy button below!

If you want me help you understand and walk you through your value ladder, your target audience, and help you set up your first ad over the phone, choose the second option and we will schedule a time to sit down to give you a Facebook ad crash course, step by step including targeting details and ad copy!

As always, may the universe continue to conspire in our favors.  #TRiiiBE


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