How to grow your fan page like a internet marketer.

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Building a brand on Facebook is can be very difficult when you are just starting out.  Especially since fan page's reach has been cut down significantly since Facebook wants businesses to pay them for advertising.


I have learned quite a bit about marketing, promotion, and branding by direct experience.

Some of you might remember the #GVO days.  

That was a lesson in branding.  To build this movement, I made inspirational status as much as I could along with the hashtag, #GVO.  This way there would be a catalog of posts anytime someone searched for "#GVO".  There are people who are still repping Team Good Vibes Only.  That is because of the message behind it.  People are communal, love to be around good energy, and like vibrations.  It was a great first teacher.

Some of you may remember this page.  I say it is inactive now because Facebook locked my page from changing its name so I stopped using it.  I learned an amazing trick for jump starting fan pages...

Many of you may remember the video with the knife that I did...

The ORIGINAL video got over a 500,000 views on my personal profile page.  It garnered unwanted attention from supremacists and extremists so I feel away from social media for a while fearing for my own safety.  With great power come great responsibility...

But back to the lighthearted informational post that this is supposed to be lol.

I learned that you can transform your personal profile page into a fan page, transferring all of your current friends into likes.  Because of the knife video, I had over 4,000 friends.  Had I had followers enabled, I would have had thousands of followers as well.  

Yes, you will have to start over with your friend list.  But in exchange, you will have a fan page with "social proof" to use and build.  I'd recommend doing this once you have maxed out your friend list and have lots of followers.  You could combine the techniques on this page and blow your friends list up before implementing the transform tool and have a fan page with thousands and thousands of fans from the gate!


Next we have my main business account which was built solely on the power of Facebook Ads, advertising graphics and other music based services to independent artists.  It is my testing ground for advertising and also my social media business card.

To date, I have spent over $2,600 in ads on my business page and have seen about a 400% ROI on my advertising.  Running this page has been an amazing learning experience, I have pretty much taught myself the ins and outs of Facebook Ads, running promotional campaigns, generating leads, auto messages, and email marketing / list building,


Next we have a sleeper project that taught me a lesson in building a local following. Built totally off the strength of word of mouth at open mics.  This made me a well rounded artist.  We went on a performance tear through DC, performing in the streets and at open mics every single day for three months.  I learned how to market myself in person and bridge that gap to the digital world, even with as unique a name as Gemarian XY.


Last but not least, we have the music movement to begin all music movements...


This page has been built by combining everything that I have learned on my journey...and more.


We had over 1,000 likes the first day that we started utilizing a tool that worked wonders at the time called the invite all tool.  I coordinated simultaneous action which caused a massive influx of new likes from the jump...It seems Facebook doesn't like the usage of this tool anymore and temporarily blocks people for using it :(

It was a slow climb from there getting likes. I would shout out the movement at every single performance that had, the biggest being an audience of over 5,000 people.




At the end of the day, the page was growing too slowly for me.

In 2016, I started seeing a new type of video beginning to appear on social media...


These videos with the header and footer text were getting massive amounts of attention because they peaked people's interest without having to click play.  It seemed to me that this video posting method generated a high magnitude of social engagement and I had to know how to do it.


Luckily for me, I have an subscription to the Adobe Cloud which gives me access to lots of different creative software including Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Aftereffects.  After a few trial and error runs, I taught myself how to create these video memes.  


But there were two issues within the methodology...


The first being the time that it took to create the video memes.  Adobe Premiere has long render times and my computer was locked up whenever I created a video.  Depending on the length of the video, that could be hours.

 The second being the cost of the software.  Adobe Cloud is subscription based and costs about $30 a month.


I found a solution to both of these issues in a secret video software...  


Within one week of beginning usage of this app, I had a viral video going on the TRiiiBE Worldwide fan page.  


What's even more special is that this same video on Nick Cannon's page only got a fraction of the views that it got on the TRiiiBE Worldwide page.  


This video software gives a leg up to the little person who wants to get attention on their videos!!!


 I'm even going to include a technique that I use to increase the chances of my videos going viral.  Check out quick synopsis of the method below for free!  Purchase of the software comes with a digital download of my viral video guide with each point explained!


1. Make your video text as CLICK BAITEY as possible.

2. Join groups that align with your cause and post video memes these groups.

3. Start a focus group for your page with your fans for more shares.

4. Download the invite all likes app on Google Chrome.

5. Watch your page blow up.



If you want to get this video software for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of $37, follow the instructions below! 

1. Click here!

2. Hit the buy button to get VidViral for a one time payment of $37 instead of paying $17 monthly or $27 yearly.  The discount code doesn't work anymore because February is over with.


Once purchased, we will also send you the full viral video posting guide to using video memes for explosive growth on your fan page.


May the universe continue to conspire in your favor.


-Jeffery the Artist

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