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For those of you that don't know, I have dove into the darkest depths of social media marketing since this journey began in 2013 from group sharing programs, to mass tagging applications, to automessages, I have tried it out because I am hungry for that type of knowledge, mass marketing and promotion knowledge is necessary for this industry!


I recently stumbled across an amazing application called AdSmartly that has brought me to a new level of social media power.  This application allows you to message any and everybody who you have engaged on your fan pages messenger with a few clicks!


I combined the power of two other tools that I have acquired, one being msgHERO (which allows me to automessage people who comment on a post) and the other being VidViral (which allows me to create those videos with the text at the top and bottom of the frame).


Prior to having AdSmartly, I would upload videos that I created with VidViral and post them to niche groups to get them lots of traction.  I would then set up a msgHERO campaign to automessage everyone who engaged with my video post.  A few posts that I did this with went viral and got well over 1,000 comments.  By setting up my msgHERO campaign I was unknowingly building a MASSIVE messenger list.


When I first used AdSmartly to send a test message, I sat at my computer in complete disbelief that this application actually was working.  For the next 30 minutes, I sat at my computer screen and watched thousands of messages be sent to each person that was every messaged by the page.


In an instance, I realized that the combination of all these tools was a social media omega weapon.  I can now easily combat Facebook's reach and alert all my fans in a couple of seconds whenever I drop new content.


With all that being said, how are you going to use these programs?  Are you going to use these programs?  Are you going to just use one and not the other?


Since I already have all of these applications set up and know how to use them, I have decided to extend a few opportunities to my fellow artists.

These programs are ALL available to you for individual purchase below and tutorials are there for you to set them up on your own:

AdSmartly: $24.99 one time payment

VidViral: $37 one time payment! Use "FEB6OFF" for a $6 discount

msgHERO: $49.99 per month

HOWEVER I am willing to save you a MASSIVE amount of time and effort by utilizing my own expertise on your fan page and Instagram account. Just hire me as your social media manager for only $249.99 per month or $2249.99 (Save 25%) a year.  I will combine ALL three of these apps to build your fan page messenger list, automessage those who engage with your posts, create video memes using your videos and VidViral getting your content more views, and I will alert your fan page's messenger list to new drops via AdSmartly.  Last but not least, I will manage your Instagram account each month that you are signed on with me.  I will draw new potential fans to your account via interactions with other Instagram users from a target demographic that we chisel out together,  I will do the heavy lifting of introducing people to you on the internet so you can spend your time creating!!!  Just like an artist should.

Text me at 336-442-7046 to set up a time to talk if you are interested! 


References are available upon request and as always, may the universe continue to conspire in our favor! (Click the button below if you want to hire me.)



-Jeffery the Artist



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