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What's good independent artists!?

Streaming royalties are the EASIEST way to start generating money as an artist!

And now we're supplying artists with the map to the treasure cave!

We know how hard it is to get your numbers up especially if you don't know what you are doing.

We will plug you in DIRECTLY to the people who are helping the label artists get their streams up this month.  Check out the promotion campaign results that we started in mid-October:

If these are the type of results that you want for your music...

Read the options below:

1. We have a directory of 500 Spotify curators, their contact information, and song submission guidelines. A lot of the submissions are free but are not guaranteed placements. We can get you that for $25.

2. We have three PERSONAL plugs for guaranteed placements.

We plugged into a viral Tik Tok playlist curator and made him the official curator for the TRiiiBE.  His playlist has over 72K followers and growing.  His prices start as low as $50.

We will plug you directly into him or a person who you can submit your music directly to the people who own, two top 40 curators on Spotify.

I’ve included their contact info and a price list so you know what to expect.

Third, we can plug you into a music group that is curated and ran by an artist who has gotten millions of streams on Spotify, has 6 personal playlists he runs, offers guaranteed placements, and even permanent placements!  His prices start around $70 with our special TRiiiBE discount.

This dude is a huge connection for serious artists, he can even get you on Wikipedia! And we got lifetime discounts on all services!

We’ll give you one of our personal plugs for $20, three for $35 and we will give you ALL FIVE of our personal plugs for $50.  The last two we didn't mention will work with ANY budget.  That doesn't mean $0 budget.  Don't be dumb.

3. If you want 84 pages of curators who run Hip Hop based playlists, We’ll give you a whole socket for $75. It includes their direct contact information, IG, Twitter, FB names, playlist sizes, etc.

If you want a 1000+ page directory containing over 3,000 curator contacts for every genre, it will be $150.

We’ve also laid out EXACTLY what to say when you approach them so you don’t have to do any guesswork.

If your song’s genre isn’t Hip Hop, let me know and we can get you a specific list for your song’s genre if you don’t want to pay $150.

Is this sound like something you want? If you have questions let me know on IG, if you are ready to plug in, our cashapp is $triiibe.  Attach your IG name in the note and I'll send you the goods.




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