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Peace family,

I haven't been as active on social media or in vocalizing my movements for a while now, just know everything is fine now.

I haven't even been writing or creating much since July when one of my best friends passed away.  I even lost all my writing due to wine induced hardware failure.

I was feeling like I totally lost the spark or art.

Thankfully I have amazing people in my TRiiiBE. 

I needed to take a step back temporarily, get a spirit cleansing recharge ritual, fall in love with a flame, visit a meditation guru, make a voodoo necklace, leave the country, find a new spirit animal, and get a tarot reading from my witch.

You know.  Nothing out of the ordinary. 

We all feel down sometimes, it is part of the human experience.

But...I always come back to the realization that when you feel like you are in a slump, you are about to be propelled forward.

Arrows have to be pulled back before they can be released and I am about to be released...

As far as the TRiiiBE movement goes, forward motion is a constant.

My video promotion plan with the video memes worked like a charm and we have over doubled in the amount of likes on the page since February.  I did so well in fact that I became a brand ambassador for the product and can sell the app to others!  To date we have over 4.5 million video views now on the TRiiiBE page.   And now the average amount of views per video on the TRiiiBE page is 66k!

But that is neither here nor there right now.

In TRiiiBE news, we officially have our first sponsored member.  OrthodAhks Sounds reached out to me via the TRiiiBE page and I extended to him the very first TRiiiBE membership deal in TRiiiBE history.  That moment was a huge affirmation to me that what I have built here is seen as a viable engine and platform for artistic growth.

It is honestly incredible how far the movement has gone, how many people around the world know about TRiiiBE from something that started in my basement.  And this is just the beginning.

Since that OrthodAhks signed up, I have been scoping out more prospects and quietly building a TRiiiBE machine in the shadows.  This machine is tailored to give independent artists the first key to making a living as an artist: Monetization.  

I even have partnered with somebody to help find clients for custom cartoon avatar sweatshirts!  I'm working on doing everything in my current power to help other artists along in their path.

Even if an artist decides not to indulge in the extremely affordable promotion services we offer (live music reviews / video promotion) I still want them to have the knowledge to grow their Soundcloud followings more easily, get paid for their Soundcloud streams, and how to upload on "professional" streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc, for free.

The first real step of independent artist life is making money with your craft after all.  I have made TRiiiBE that bridge and will continue to build new pathways and connections.

Aside from the artist side of things, I have also started investing in cryptocurrency wave and am officially part of the 0.1% of the world right now.

This is a huge economic power shift people, it is creating new millionaires daily.  If you want to learn how to get involved and start making a passive daily income with Bitcoin, join the CryptoTriiiBE!

I have decided to make a habit of writing these blogs.  Stay tuned and may the universe continue to conspire in your favor.

-Jeffery the Artist, TRiiiBE Chief

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