What is #TRiiiBE?

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TRiiiBE Worldwide is a hip hop collective that was unofficially founded in 2013 by a group of friends in Washington, DC.  One of those friends, Jeffery the Artist, took the TRiiiBE movement online. He created a massive buzz and gained a plethora of notoriety when one of his poems went viral. The TRiiiBE took a revolutionary turn and began pushing positivity and elevation on a mass scale, attracting a multitude of talented individuals from around the world to join the movement. TRiiiBE Worldwide currently acts as a platform for independent artists to deliver their content to a diverse audience across multiple airwaves with members all over the world. This year the TRiiiBE rolled out an artist teaching element to the mix because of the lack of guidance that was noticed in the world of independent artistry. The TRiiiBE's current aim is to help as many artists learn how to navigate the music industry as possible with Jeffery the Artist and Current Event leading the way with the Independent Artist Supercharger Package! 

In August 2018, Current Event and JTA went to World Undergrounds event in NY, an event sponsored by the Wu Tang Clan and opened up for Ghostface, Raekwon, Oshun, Dave East, Azalea Banks, Chris Rivers, and more!

During our New York adventure, we met with XXL magazine and the number one talent agency in the world to discuss a brand new promotion technique that we developed.  We have literally broken the game with this.  We are teaching artists how to literally become the promoters that they pay and get more views than ever and build their brands faster than ever before.  We decided to keep the product artist exclusive and we have been changing artists lives ever since.

After returning from the heartland of hip hop, the Chief decided to turn the TRiiiBE into a label and become the powerhouse that it needs to be.

Official TRiiiBE Membership will be open soon.

Stay tuned and watch us rise!! May the universe continue to conspire in our favors!  #TRiiIBE


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