Free Forex Crash Course

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Things you will need to start trading successfully!

1. Trading View: This is a cloud based service that will allow you to analyze and backtest your trading strategies.  There is a free to use version but it is HIGHLE recommended that you get the pro version you can access all the features.

2. Reliable Forex Broker: The Forex broker is essentially the Casino that you go in to exchange your money for poker chips.  They will handle all of the trades you place and be the ones to collect or reward you money for your wins and losses.

These are the three main brokers that I use in order of lowest minimum deposit:
1. ($10 min deposit, brokerage charges commissions) 
2. ($10 min deposit, brokerage charges commissions) 
3. FAIRFOREX.COM ($50 min deposit, no broker commissions)


3. Lastly, you will need dedication, patience, focus, fortitude, and determination in order to develop yourself into the person that you need to be in order to become a successful Forex trader!  This is not an overnight skill.  Watch the video playlist below until Forex makes sense to you!  


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