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Follow these instructions!


1.Get your smart phone.


2. Grab a bright light or find a bright, cool spot to sit in front of.


3. Copy this description and add fun emojis . Insert YOUR PayPal.me link / cashapp / venmo into this description right after it says "TIP JAR"




"LIVE from my living room to yours . Come on in, the music is nice .


Hit my VIRTUAL TIP JAR: (insert desired tip processor) to keep me going live.


CHEERS! "<<<<<




4. click "publish", then "LIVE VIDEO". Paste your description and click on the little wand.  (don't worry, you won't be live yet)



5. Click the blue "START LIVE VIDEO"  and start performing / singing / dancing RIGHT AWAY!


HAVE FUN!!! Perform for at least 20 min!  When you get done, thank everyone who showed up to the live session and let them know to drop a like if they enjoyed and yo tune into the next one!


Tweak the idea / description however you want, think outside the box!  I literally was punching a ball and freestyling with a link to the independent artist supercharger package!


Be creative!


If you have t-shirts you could put a link for a discount while you are live.  Scarcity helps people make the buy decision.


You might not make money your first love session, keep going!  One sale can change your life, realizing you have the power to make money doing something you love live.


Best of luck and may the universe continue to conspire in your favor!

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