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1. Watch the videos on this playlist!  Rewatch the videos on this playlist.

Digest the the content and PRACTICE!


Nobody ever gave me ANY direction or supplied me with any videos to watch to gain footing in any markets.  I'm just doing my best to help the next person and give what was never given to me!  WATCH THESE VIDEOS AND INTERNALIZE THEM!  Trade until you are consistently profitable in the demo before using your real money.


2. Sign up on and make a DEMO ACCOUNT to learn the basics, start testing the markets, pick 1-2 pairs and stick with them like you are dating!!!  Learn how it moves and once you start seeing consistent profits, go ahead and make a live account!

It will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you get to know the markets before using your real money.

Download MetaTrader 5 and open a DEMO account 1st before trading LIVE.  TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  I am not liable for any losses or gains you might incur on your trading journey.  Always remember, you are worth infinitely more than the number in your bank account. 

Join the Fair Forex telegram group here and get free trading signals for life so you can learn from experts while you trade own your own!


Download this eBook, Forex Trendy Scanner!

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