The ULTIMATE Music Promotion Directory

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The ULTIMATE Music Promotion Directory

This guide is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.  It took a long time to gain all the promotion knowledge that I have so I want to deliver it to you as fast as possible because you have music to make.  It is categorized into three sections; free music submission sites, YouTube promotion platform access, and independent playlist curators.  Enjoy!

Free Music Submission Sites

To use, just click the link and follow the submission guidelines. (follow playlist to unlock) (free and $5-$12 submissions) (follow playlist to submit free) (select your playlist and submit) (follow submission guidelines given) (free and paid submission) (follow instructions on link) (find a playlist, follow submission guidelines) (follow playlists for free submissions) (fill out the form) (follow playlist to submit music) (sign up to submit music to playlists) (fill out submission form) (sign up to submit music to playlists)

YouTube Promotion

YouTube promotions is an elusive beast in the world of independent music.  Almost all of the so called YouTube promoters that I have ran into have gotten me bullshit views.  The only YouTube promotion service I have found that is both affordable and legitimate is called Sprizzy.  It is a platform that allows you to set up REAL YouTube advertising campaigns with NO prior google ad experience.  That means you will be running ads for your music like a professional digital marketer.  Click the image below to sign up and start creating your YouTube promotion campaign.

300+ Curators You Can Contact For Music Placements


 Click the link here to access the curator list.


Done For You Playlist Placements

I can also do playlist placements for you!  
Click here for a 7 day placement package.
Click here for a 28 day placement package.


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