Triiibe Talk #1 | "Trash" VS "Hoes"

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Before we get started, I want everyone who reads this to firstly understand that this is written from the perspective of a person whom is Pansexual & without gender identity, so my personal bias regarding the gender-wars is heavily influenced specifically by how much I don't care what your gender is when you're being a d*ckhead. I'm open to constructive criticism, but I'm also working on my PhD in Psychology, so any passive aggressiveness or ignorance DISGUISED as constructive criticism will be ignored <3

Please keep that in mind when using the information here to your benefit!

Trash VS Hoes

Every time you post a status making hateful, ignorant, and/or dismissive comments about a particular gender to "bring awareness" or to exorcise your freedom of speech, you're helping to convince the next generation of men, women, & non-binary persons, that THIS is how you feel about all of them. 
Every time you make generalizations out of ignorance & whatever justification you hide behind, you're proving to everyone "on the fence" about unlearning their gender-unique Narcissism that they need to learn to hate you, (just as much as the impact of your words infers you hate them), in order to survive.
When a black mother has her children taken from her, White America leaps to the assumption that she is an unfit parent, which further perpetuates the racism & hatred towards the black woman on a whole.
That same psychological dynamic applies to healthy-minded black women & men in romantic disputes, as watching the world casually drown people who look like them in hatred RIGHTFULLY gives them the impression they are hated long before they even meet you.
Before you convince yourself it isn't a big deal, that your words are harmless and that the victims of your generalizations are simply "over sensitive" & immature, consider what these words actually mean to your subconscious when it's being said TO you rather than when you're saying it to someone else:
"Gold-Digger" sounds & feels like:
• "Incapable of genuine love"
• "Parasite"
• "User"
• "Sociopath"
• "Emotional Vampire"
• "Selfish"
• "Heartless"
• "Full of Hatred or Apathy"
"Trash" sounds & feels like:
• "Worthless"
• "Unlovable" 
• "Undesirable"
• "Value Has Run Out"
• "Never Will Have Value"
• "To Be Used, Not Valued"
• "Only Worth Hatred"
• "Toxic"
Ironically, the lack of clarification when being indirectly told they're "unlovable" & "toxic" by Black Women who don't know them personally IS what triggers the idea that Black Women are "heartless" & "full of hatred."
Even more ironically, the lack of clarification when being indirectly called a "selfish user that is incapable of love" by Black Men IS what triggers the idea that Black Men are "unlovable" & "toxic."
Most free-thinkers have realized this already, but are constantly pulled back into the, literally, irrelevant argument regarding which gender demographic is more dangerous or victimized.
Bringing awareness to r*pe culture, & the abuse people have suffered never has, & never will be effective if it involves holding one person's abuse and/or murder over another simply because of their gender. 
The solution to the lack of black love, & the solution to our collective traumas isn't to troll or put people of the opposite gender through as much indirect pain as possible. The solution is to start analyzing every person as an individual instead of justifying the act of treating DIFFERENT PEOPLE the SAME when they only look & act similarly, because that is exactly what makes people desensitized to noticing the subtle differences between a nonchalant person, and an emotionally unavailable Narcissist. 
Being empathetic doesn't mean letting them win or back into your life, so love those you can, shun those you can't, & be prepared to fight your way through the people who hate you. 

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