The Kente Kollection



Apparel representing the culture of our diaspora! Lace up with the energy of the Motherland!

One day, with your support, we will be able to say that this is an all-black production, but until the infrastructure is built back up and the manufacturing industry rises in Africa, we are using our Asian production conpanies.  With this model, our clothing can be affordable to the masses, high quality, and profitable.  Until the African production industry is restored, we must utilize all avenues available for progression and business success.

The world has long ago stolen our culture and repackaged it to sell it back to us.

This collection is a collaboration between the Ghanaian fabric designer that sent me the patterns and myself.  He sent the designs, I put them on gear. I designed ALL of the Kente / Ankara kicks and kaps with the purpose of bringing the culture here and living black, out loud. We are at the top of that food chain, if you want to support black business, then please support it :) 


 The Chief.