• Get Dirty w/ FB ADs
  • Get Dirty w/ FB ADs

Get Dirty w/ FB ADs

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I see an extremely large number of artists post their music and content into rap groups over and over and over. 

If you are working to build your buzz, this is the equivalent of going fishing, turning your back on the pond, and casting your line into the woods. Those groups are full of other fisherman NOT fish.  YOU ARE WASTING TIME!  (Unless you are selling features of course.)

 I see countless artists tagging random people in their videos expecting them to go viral.  I receive hundreds of messages with all variations "Check out my new music..."  Reality check You ARE wasting countless hours of your time!  Sure you might get a few plays and a few shares, however you are spending an immense amount of time going through that process that you could be using to CREATE MUSIC! 

If you want to know how to promote yourself in an extremely time effective manner this Facebook Promotion Master Guide is specifically for you.


What does it contain?

This master guide contains seven different guides that teach you the ins and outs of Facebook self promotion on an indie artist budget.

-Facebook Networking Guide: how to engage with people in order to build your brand

-Local and Nationwide Fan Acquisition Guide: How to use FB advertising on a shoestring budget to acquire fans 24/7 and copy/paste ad copy to use to do it.  This is a "fire your promotion guy" type of guide.  Stop wasting time scouring the internet manually for fans and spend more time creating.

-5 step music marketing guide: 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you create high performing marketing plans and execute them efficiently.

-7 Facebook Ad Tips to creating an effective advertisement: 7 things you can ask yourself in order to cut through the clutter on the news feed and connect to more fans with ease so you can spend more time creating content!  

- How to budget for advertising even on a shoe string budget: $30 can go a long way once you know how to use it... McDonald's has been around for over 50 years and still runs commercials every single day in every single state.  If you think even the littlest bit of advertising isn't going to help you, you are horribly mistaken.

-4 step budget creation: 4 questions to ask yourself in order to effectively stretch your budget and most importantly, see returns on your ad spend!

-The TRiiiBE's Viral Video Method: an introduction to the tool and the full methodology we used to get over 5.6 million views on our fan page on Facebook and grew our fan page to over 20,000 likes (You will need VidViral to utilize this part of the guide!)

 If your niche is outside the realm of independent artistry, select the custom consultation to schedule a one-hour phone appointment.

*This guide is part of the TRiiiBE's Independent Artist Supercharger Package at a special promotional price during this launch period.



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