The King Kunta's

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Our culture has been stripped away from us in the western world, our names, our religion, our Gods & Goddesses, our traditions, our language, and our way of life. 

The Kente Kollection is my way of restoring that power to my people all across the diaspora...


In my travels to the motherland on his first international tour, I encountered some young men who were making converse style shoes with traditional ethnic prints.  

The shoes that the brothers were making were all much too small for me to wear.  

It was then and there that the idea for the entire Kente Kollection was conceived.

I asked the men to send fabric designs so he could create new, bigger styles of shoes with the traditional fabrics.

What you see before you is the collaboration of three countries, Ghana, The United States, and China, to manufacture and ship these ethnically charged soles to our customers all around the world.

These Doc Marten style boots are both comfortable as well as durable, made from breathable woven canvas, printed with high quality, weather-resistant inks.

The earth will be kissed every time your feet touch the ground.

The ancestors will rejoice every time that you slip your feet into these magnificent manifestations of our culture.

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to use the live chat to contact me directly.

Each boot is made to order and shipped from overseas, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping!

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