The How to go viral and CAPITALIZE™ Program for FB & IG

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 Are you trying to get your music in front of people and getting less views than you are worth?


Tired of tagging friends and asking them to share on your Facebook videos with little or no results?


Tired of messaging your friends your links and getting zero attention?


Tired of pouring your heart and soul into videos and STILL not getting the exposure you feel you deserve?


Tired of the world passing by the content you spent hours creating?


Tired of your friends and family not showing you any support for your dreams?


How to go viral and CAPITALIZE™ will show you what you need to do to change that!


Check the reviews!

The method that I walk you through will teach you how to use Facebook ads to make your video go viral without a shadow of a doubt and get as many views as you are willing to invest in.  Check out the reviews below and then click at the bottom to get your hands on the How to go viral and CAPITALIZE program!!




Our advertising techniques have gotten us over 8 million views since last year and for a long time, I debated whether or not to teach others this particular method.  The method that is contained in this product is 100% legitimate and safe to use on Facebook without being banned.  These are REAL views, REAL interactions, from ALL over the world.  

This technique uses Facebook’s ad platform to unlock the floodgate to achieve an absolutely absurd amount of views for around 1/100th (or less) of a penny.  Without this technique, you would be paying about $.01 per view through Facebook ads.  

So in plain English, you can get an average of 10,000 views for $10 using this.  I’ve gotten upwards of 40,000 views for $10.  When that happened, I ran up that particular video to 1 million views, which cost me about $229 using this technique.

This is the EXACT same technique that the #1 Talent Agency in the industry uses to promote their artists and produce MASSIVE numbers.  Listen to their pitch...They are charging artists $300 PER MONTH for a FRACTION of the number of views that that $300 can actually do for you.  They promise you 30,000 for $300 per month.  We teach you how to turn that $300 into 300,000+ views.  Watch the video below and decide whether this knowledge is worth it to you.


To get 1 million views WITHOUT this technique and Facebook ads would have cost around $10,000!

Check the snapshot out, we got to a million views using a little under 3% of that!

This teaches you how to get 1,000 to 4,000 views per $1 that you spend on your Facebook ads.  STOP WASTING YOUR TIME EXPECTING YOUR FRIENDS TO MAKE YOUR VIDEO VIRAL.  Save up $250, invest it into one video post, and generate a viral buzz that people will be undeniable.

The IF-TECH is an ABSOLUTELY SURE-FIRE WAY to get views on your video content on a massive scale.

This is the EXACT same technique that moguls use in the music industry to add huge numbers to their videos.  You can even use this to promote other artists and become a promoter yourself!

What are you waiting for?  The Golden Key is right in front of you!

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Purchase Guarantee:

If you purchase this product and follow the instructions and are unable to get 10,000 views or more on a video, the Chief will personally set up a promotion campaign and get one of your videos to 10,000 views for you.  Since this is a digital product, we cannot give refunds as this is an instant deliverable. If you don’t have a video with 10,000 views in a month, email with proof that you put at least $100 in ad spend into a video campaign and we will do the work for you!




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